The Diminishing Returns Borne By The Pedestrian Peddlers Of Insipient Influence

No, this thing is not on.

No, this thing is not on.

While I’ve been saying it for a while, but the days of the influence of the “media” as we normally know the term are growing short. While much of the reason exactly as you would imagine – a monolithically liberal point of view doesn’t appeal to ~50% of the audience – there are a few other factors at play. As “entertainment” more and more becomes the sugar to help the medicine go down, and as that medicine gets tougher and tougher to swallow, and as the market for sugar distribution broadens ever more widely, what we know as traditional news will continue to reinvent itself right off the cliff into a much-deserved oblivion.
But c’mon, Huck, surely you don’t think the MEDIA’s influence is just going to disappear. Even you aren’t THAT stupid.
I’ve got news for you, I’m as stupid as I can possibly be.
As to the media, I absolutely believe they are all in on the idea of putting the last president on the liberal throne, because three distinct things are working irrevocably working against them:

    1) Their audience is literally dying away – the median age for cable news viewers is 68, and they aren’t getting any younger. Numbers are dropping for everyone but Fox News, and Fox News is treading water by merely locking up ~50% of a dwindling share, while CNNABCNBCCBSMSNBC all jokey for a slice of the remaining ~50%.
    2) Everyone kind of thinks the news media operates on bad news; this is sort of true, but not quite. While disaster porn is a real thing, and manages to get many, many eyeballs glued to it, those eyeballs quickly go elsewhere after a few hours. The variety of “bad news” we now have on a nightly basis isn’t A Disaster that froths over – it’s just one depressing story after another, news just bad enough to make you shake your head. Set that on simmer for a few days in a row and many more people tune out than tune in, and to be honest the majority is only there for the hot chick doing the weather than anything else.
    3) Technology that facilitates ease-of-access to media, as it proliferates, requires that the gathering, assembly and dissemination of news become a more cost-effective endeavor. Every attempt by the traditional media to establish pay-to-view or pay-to-read has failed spectacularly.
    It’s all going away for them, deservedly so.

It bears noting that while a great many media minds think they helped keep Our Simple Affirmative Action President in the Oval Office, the truth is when it comes to politics, the media’s only remaining influence is whatever it can cause to seep in through the cracks of pop culture for the low-information set. But even this isn’t really that much of anything, because the less one knows about a given thing, the more certain that person becomes that their gut perception of it is unassailable.
As for the future, the only tolerance that the gilded lilies of Millennial generation have for news is a product that must absolutely be pushed through a filter of comedy routines, colorful illustrations and, chiefly, Internet memes.
Good luck.

Good Music Friday

So the Woman and I were supposed to go to a wedding tomorrow, but it turns out that the wedding is tonight, and since I’ve never heard of such a thing, a wedding on a Friday night during peak rush hour, it looks like our RSVP was hopelessly optimistic.
Not too much on the agenda this weekend. We’ve got some pre-season Chargers football, still trying to cobble my way back into finishing the primers, and the Sam Adams Octoberfest lager is out, which is far and away my favorite beer.
Many will be had, few will survive.
Beyond that, just looking forward to putting August 2014 safely into the grave where it rightly belongs. If we could just remove it and February from the calendar entirely, we’d be much better for it. So what if March and July and January and September increase by 15 days?
Completely worth it.
Kick some ass this weekend and get ‘em in.

So You Wanna Be A Cop
Fuck World Trade
Leftover Crack
Alternative Tentacles | 2004

We’ll All Be Savages, By And By

Amazingly, this is not a sign of a healthy civic order, if you can believe it.

Amazingly, this is not a sign of a healthy civic order, if you can believe it.

I didn’t really want to talk much about the Ferguson implosion that’s embroiled The Heartland lo these past few days, but since the damn thing won’t go out, and most everyone, except for the estimable El Borak, has gotten the pertinent issues only half-right, which is another way of saying half-wrong, I guess I’ll have to lay it down.
On the surface, it’s easy to say that the cops are hyped up, curb-stomping dicks, while it’s just as easy to say that the “mostly peaceful” protesters double-fisting Molotov Cocktails are brutish, opportunistic savages who are as mad as Hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, but they will take that 70-inch plasma and that case of hair extensions, thank you very much.
Yet under the surface of those immensely banal observations, suitable for your friendly neighborhood TV news show, exists the crux of the actual problem no one wants to talk about either because they don’t recognize it, or because it’s so much easier and vapid to talk about RACEPOVERTYPRIVILEGESTUPID WHITEY and call it a day. The LAW&ORDER conservatives can dismiss the incident as a bunch of savage hooligans who need to be brought under heel, while the RACEBAITERS of our time can simply paint this sick tableau as the only possible result to out-of-control law enforcement equipped perfectly to re-enact the siege at Sadr City in all its live-fire glory.
But the rioters aren’t JUST savages, and the cops aren’t JUST reactive over-armed thugs.
They are each a product – the only possible product – of a civic order sliding down the south slope of its existence, while the conflict that joins them there on Main Street USA will only escalate in proportion to the velocity of civilization’s slide into the ruins.
Whether they know it or not, each of those “mostly peaceful” protesters has either explicitly or tacitly rejected the one thing that makes a civic order a bona fide civilization – participatory consent – and from there the dénouement is as reliable as the setting sun. And sure, the sun will rise again in the morning, but more out of obligation to a previous inertia rather than to the promise of a better tomorrow.

Dog Days And Such

Don’t be trippin’

Sorry for the August slowdown, but the month is stupidly busy with setting up all of the VP Alum fantasy football leagues.
Yes, I know.
But it’ll pick up soon.
Plus, with all the activity going on around the world, one gets the sense that maybe we’ve beaten this path a time or two before.
That’s what you get when the world is round.
Just be thankful it isn’t an ellipse.
Then where would you be?

It’s Never Too Early For Presidential Politics

Dyke ain't just a damn in Holland...

Ain’t just a damn in Holland…

We’ve finally arrived at a place and time when the Cult of Presidential Elections has essentially pushed a presidential campaign ahead of the election that technically precedes it. No one really gives a crap about the midterms coming up soon; the conclusion seems forgone, and let’s face it, the only drama left is watching Hillary! stumble about nearly infirm both physically and mentally.
And remember, Hillary! is someone who isn’t all there in the head for a while now:

[Clinton and McHugh] who are members of the real Senate and House Armed Services Committees, wrote a letter Thursday to the “The West Wing” fictional character Joshua Lyman, the White House chief of staff, concerning a statement in Wednesday night’s episode about closing Fort Drum in St. Lawrence County.

For those that wish to dismiss that as a clever, lighthearted bit of PR, do note the following:

It was a joke, but it was serious.

So yes, the next President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen!
But if I may be serious for a moment, I’d like to point out that Our Senile AARP President-Elect is making the exact same coy pitch that got her candidacy submarined last time – branding herself inevitable yet refusing to officially declare a run, all the while sweeping her debilitating medical condition under the rug and hoping to crest gently on the last dying gasps of the media’s influence in this, it’s last cycle of electoral relevance.
Didn’t work last time, won’t work this time for the same reason – the media loved themselves some Bill Clinton. Like catty romantic rivals, though, they don’t much care for Hillary!, they never have and never will. She is equal parts rival and wretch.
Mark your calendars – come November 8, 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton will not appear on any ballot for the election of President of the United States of America.
If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a coke.

Good Music Friday

And not a great one.
Had to put a lot of miles on the road without much payoff, so knockin’ off work early and I already have a beer chillin’ in my hand.
It’s worth noting that with US bombs once again falling on an enemy that Our Simple Affirmative Action President doesn’t really want to fight, and to be honest would rather ally with, that maybe some of these things are beyond the simple control of simple minds.
On that note, I’ll dream of a Cowboy life I may yet see.
Get ‘em in.

Cowboy Song
Live Performance
Thin Lizzy
Rockpalast | 1981

Constitutional Flatulence And The Sick Politics Of The Politically Sick

Famous last words.

Famous last words.

There’s a lot of puckering out there right now about all of the abuses of power and authority by Our Simple Affirmative Action President and his administration, and as the myriad and manifold scandals, blunders and over-reaches have illustrated in the past six years, the puckered aren’t just blowing smoke.
The O-Force is pushing every boundary that gets in his way for the sake of expediency.
And he’s illustrating one of the fundamental flaws with a Rule-of-Law government operating under the auspices and limitations of a foundational charter – it’s only as limiting as those who administer it wish it to be. Attempting to blunt this well-known bug, the Founders set up a tri-partite administration process that played the self-interest of each of the three parties against each other to balance power and mitigate the potential for sweeping abuse of power.
This system, while mostly successful compared to the alternatives, has seen plenty of misuses and abuses – notably Lincoln taking away habeas corpus Because Slavery, and an argument can be made that we never truly got it back. Ask John Tyler about the role of the Imperial Presidency and see what he has to say about checks and balances in the face of a Congress that made him a lame duck pretty much from the get-go.
My point is, the “but checks-and-balances!” canard doesn’t alone justify or condemn any potential abuse or over-reach by one or more of the branches of government. In the same way that THIS IS A GUN-FREE ZONE signs establish a boundary, a guy with a gun is only limited by this to the extent that there’s another guy with a gun willing to hold the first guy off. If the second guy isn’t willing to hold off the first guy, guess what? The GUN-FREE ZONE is only that by habit and nomenclature.
In the “modern era” of contemporary political, ugh, gamesmanship, the tools of asserting checks and balances became very subtle and centered around focusing political heat should one party stray too far toward the other’s boundary. Political heat is little more than the potential ire of, in descending order, 1) other politicians 2) political punditry 3) lobbyists 4) members of the tertiary party to the other two 5) political contributors 6) potential political contributors 7)non-political punditry 8) non-taxpayers and 9) tax-payers.
So what happens when one party simply cares nothing for the subtle remonstration of political heat brought by a conflicting party?
Whining, apparently.
So Our Simple Affirmative Action President has and continues to flagrantly overstep his authority. The subtle gamesmanship tactics usually used to administer the checks that keep all three in relative balance no longer apply.
Luckily, the founding charter explicitly details the procedures with which each party may remonstrate the other without the muss and fuss of a coup. In this case, Congress may take full advantage of its authority to eliminate funding, withhold all duties related to advise & consent, and oh yeah, draft articles of impeachment.
That’s it.
Those are your tools, do as you may.
If you elect not to, don’t cry when Our Affirmative Action President steals your candy.